flotsam and jetsam

It's Sunday morning. 11:11 AM.

  • Our new interns joined us for their very first Thrive staff meeting. We rolled out our ministry-wide mile marker goals: three things we'll be working together to accomplish by the end of the year. If our goals were easy to achieve, we wouldn't need God or each other. Good thing we set goals that are enormously challenging then...
  • I taught my first Missions class of the new year. When one of the interns asked me to repeat something so she could be sure she wrote it down correctly, my heart about skipped a beat.
  • Some friends came to visit, and I took a day off to spend time with them. It was a wonderful treat.
  • Niel and I drove to the nearest city, Pietermaritzburg, to watch a movie yesterday. "The Bucket List" had me in tears.
  • I emailed all our staff and interns this picture with the note: Please see the attached memo regarding a new policy we are implementing, effective immediately. Only a few staff members even answered--and not a single intern. I think they've all misplaced their sense of humor.

  • This is the most amazing thing I've seen in a long while.
  • February started. I'm still struggling to wrap my mind around that simple fact.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Highlights from your week?