divide and conquer

Yesterday, when I flew to Seattle, Niel stayed behind in Michigan. Before I see him again, he will have also been in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Texas. As seemingly long as our time in the USA is, it's not enough time to get everywhere and see everyone, so we need to "divide and conquer".

I'm having a wonderful time staying with friends while meeting with pastors and reconnecting with supporters in the area. My friends have graciously taken me around between meetings to experience some of the beauty of this area. I have always loved Seattle, and now I do even more. This is a beautiful time of year here--clear skies, warm days, and lots of green. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Today I met with a girl who is coming out to Thrive for a two-month staff trial in just a few weeks. (And by girl, I mean 31-year-old woman, but "woman" seems to imply older than that in my head...) I had never met Jennifer before, but have communicated with her a lot over email and phone for many months now. I am so excited to have met her, and we already feel a connection with each other from all our correspondence. I know she is going to be a great asset to our team and I cannot wait to have her on board with us! I'm so grateful for the team God has given us and continues to expand with just the right people!