I've been in the city all week, attending a training conference. Thankfully, Kelly came with me. I'm a bit leery of social situations where I am forced to mingle with strangers, so I'm certainly glad for the company. And, we've been laughing a lot, which always makes for good times.

When we arrived, we discovered our bedroom has a shower in it. Not a full bathroom, but a shower and a sink. While we have to use the toilet down the hall, at least we don't need to line up for a shower. Then we'd have to have one of those what-time-will-you-shower-
conversations. And I really hate those.

So we started unpacking and getting settled into the room. As we moved around over by the beds, we realized this perk had a downside.

Do you see our dilemma? We can just picture ourselves filling out a comment card at the end of our stay.

Suggestions? Uhh... How 'bout a wall separating the glass-door shower from the rest of the room!?

So Kelly and I got creative. We pulled a MacGyver and made the shower safe for modest bathers using only a towel, a window curtain, and a towel rack.

Step One:
Step Two:

We applaud our own ingenuity and laugh each time one of us has to climb under that jimmyrigged monstrosity to take a shower.

I cringe just imagining how things would be if Kelly hadn't come with me. Having that conversation with a complete stranger is exactly why I hate things like this!