dance party r.s.a.

Limakatso is the handicapped children's center in Intabazwe which is run by Irene, one of our Basotho staff members. She planned a big celebration for all the children who have had birthdays between January and June, and I took the interns to help with the party. I hadn't been at the center in over a year, and I loved getting to see the children again. While there are many new faces, there are still many who have been with us since we started. They have grown and learned so much! I couldn't believe my ears when children who barely spoke, replied to me in perfect English!

We spent a lot of time outside playing with the kids. The "formal festivities" (in typical African style) included an official welcome, opening prayer, receiving of gifts, snacks, and a hot lunch. Oh yeah...and dance time. The kids spent almost an hour simply "getting down" to some crazy music. I wish you could've seen them dancing their hearts out with no inhibitions.

I also wish you could've seen our wacky attempts at dancing along!