monday morning confession

monday morning confession

I'm pretty sure I just had my most embarrassing moment. Right here in Maun, Botswana.

Yesterday after church I grabbed lunch with some friends at this little café across the street from the airport. It was 94 degrees, so we sat way in the back of the restaurant, next to the giant open windows to enjoy the slight breeze. I ran to the bathroom right before we left, and then we all walked over to the coffee shop upstairs in the airport.

Right when we got to the counter, one of my friends started pulling frantically at the back of my skirt.

The bottom of it was stuck in the waistline!

I turned every imaginable shade of red and then some, and hastily fixed my skirt. And then my eyes got huge as I backtracked in my mind and realized it must've happened upon exiting the bathroom. Because that meant I'd walked All. That. Way. like that!

All the way through the restaurant from our table in the back, across the street, into the airport, up the stairs, and into the coffee shop. Oh. My. Dang!

Maun saw quite a bit more of me than I intended, that's for sure.

Okay, your turn.