TGIF: on puzzle pieces, sunshine, & friendship

TGIF Grit I saw this exercise in the archives of Brené Brown's blog, and loved it so much I decided to resurrect it here at the Grit. So here is my TGI this Friday...

... ... ...

I'm trusting that all the details will work out. Somehow. I've got a lot of puzzle pieces I'm trying to sort out at the moment, but I'm choosing to trust that God sees the full (finished) picture when all I see are fragmented bits. And that it will all come together right when it needs to. Trusting that His timing won't be late means accepting it might not be early either. Eeeeeek.

I'm grateful for the sunshine that's finally broken through after weeks of dreary winter. My soul needed it. Badly.

I'm inspired by friends I spent time with this week. They are wise and compassionate and focused. They are humble and strong and funny. Their gracious gift of friendship speaks "enoughness" to my heart and pushes me to live life fully.

... ... ...

I would love to know what you are trusting in, grateful for, and inspired by today.

Happy Friday, Gritty family.