care instructions

A friend pointed out that my new Bible has care instructions printed in it.

We suggest loosening the binding of your new Bible by gently pressing on a small section of pages at a time from the center. To ensure against breakage of the spine, it is best not to bend the cover backward around the spine or to carry study notes, church bulletins, pens, etc., inside the cover. Because a felt-tipped marker will "bleed" through the pages, we recommend use of a ball-point pen or pencil to underline favorite passages. Your Bible should not be exposed to excessive heat, cold, or humidity.

In addition to making me smile, reading that also makes me wonder... What other things in my life have I allowed to be damaged by not noticing or heeding the care instructions? My marriage? Relationships? My walk with God? Myself?

I need to look closer to discover the proper way to care for that which is valuable to me... and then make sure I follow the instructions!