bits and pieces

I'm finishing up a curriculum for our LaunchPad program that is basically a New Testament Survey; I wrote the Old Testament one last year (or was it the year before?). In both of them, I point out the glimpse of Jesus we see in each book. It was an awesome journey for me to do that with the Old Testament -- finding the foreshadowing of Christ in all 39 books -- and I'm enjoying that part of writing this new one as well. It's a little easier with the New Testament (mainly because Jesus is more visibly plastered throughout it), but it's also a little harder (which aspect of Him, which glimpse into His character, should I highlight?!). I'm finding it a challenge to narrow it down.

This week I have lots of different writing projects on my to-do list:

  • New Testament curriculum
  • Email newsletter
  • Supporter letter
  • Website copy (which thankfully I am no longer working alone on!)
  • Emails

And I'm only in the office for a day-and-a-half! Yikes!