banana split

We split up.

Thrown in the towel on this "staying together" business. Said farewell to each other and went our separate ways. Niel hopped on a plane and left me behind. We've officially split up.

That's how rumors get started, ya know. That's how they have gotten started. Twice already on this USA trip, Niel and I have "split up"--he's gone one direction and I've gone another. When people asked Niel where I was, he told them, "We split up, and she's in Seattle while I'm here." Their puzzled looks and quizzical expressions were lost on Niel until someone finally said, "I think they think you literally split up--as in separated... en-route to divorce."

So let me clarify. When I say that Niel and I have split up what I mean is:

We are physically residing in two different locations on the planet for the time being.

Niel left today (as planned!) to head back to South Africa. He'll be there until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I am staying in New York: spending time with my parents, working on ministry projects, and eagerly awaiting my husband's return. When Niel comes back, we'll be Stateside--together!--through early January.

Before Niel left today, we had a few minutes to walk down to the beach for the first time since we got home. My parents live only a few blocks away from the Long Island Sound. The water was so still and peaceful today; it was absolutely beautiful. We walked a bit and took some pictures. It was brief, but special.

I'm looking forward to having Niel back in 39 days! Splitting up sucks!