adventures in iowa

This was my first evacuation. Iowa City has had record-breaking floods this week. The day before Kitty and Baby Alece were released from the hospital, the water reached the street their house is on. We knew it was time to leave.

Dave packed up all the valuables and essentials from the house (including all my stuff, bless his heart!) and drove me and Silas two hours away to stay with some friends in Missouri. He turned around and headed back toward the flood waters of Iowa City to spend the night in the hospital with Amy and Junior. They were released yesterday and drove here to join us.

Every time we hear the news or see pictures of the devastation, we're flooded (pun intended) with gratefulness that we left when we did.

We are all safe and healthy; Mom and Baby are doing wonderfully well. I don't have real access to the internet here, so I'm going to continue to be AWOL for a while. I'd appreciate your prayers. No... not for my internet withdrawals, but for everyone affected by the flood, for us to be able to return home soon, and for minimal damage to the Rieps' home.

Thanks, blog family...