a peculiar people

I guess I've been here so long, doing what I do for so long, that I don't pick up on things that our newer staff notice. Recently, several have pointed out the uniqueness of our situation. Where else do you have a group of people who, in essence, are forced to do everything together? Work. Live. Socialize. Share homes.

Niel thought of a few: Army. Commune. Submarine. But those examples seem only to add to the case of our situation's rarity.

It's true. The dynamics of our ministry (or of life on the mission field) are unique. But it's uniqueness is also it's appeal. Where else can you live, work, and fellowship in a foreign (and beautiful) country and culture, surrounded by a community of like-minded, equally-devoted Believers?

I find it interesting that until this was brought up to us, we hadn't ever thought of it like this. That's why I chalk it up to the result of this being our life for so long. What else would life look like? I can't even imagine... It's interesting that what is normal to one is seen as different (and even frustrating) to others.

I wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world.