a force to be reckoned with

Words really do change the world. Words, in fact, are what created the world. God didn't just think it all into existence. He spoke it. "Let there be..." And there was.

And as creatives fashioned in His image, our words have that same creative power.

Our words are a force to be reckoned with.

Words spoken, written, sung, signed...

History recounts example after example of words changing culture, popular thought, belief systems...

Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr. come to mind.

So do Nelson Mandela, Bono, and Joshua of Old Testament fame.

Words change the world by changing hearts.

Those amazing communicators who shaped history (as well as the future) did so by finding new and innovative ways to put words to their thoughts. And in doing so, they connected with people's hearts.

Hearts changed.

Communities changed.

Cultures changed.

The world changed.

I'm not naive enough to think I am destined to change the world. I'm not foolish enough even to think that I could. Or should. But this much I know is true:

I want my words to change hearts.

The ripple effect that hopefully occurs after that, isn't up to me. It's only mine to skip the stone...

When I think about the kinds of words it takes to truly influence positive change in people's hearts, I see some recurring themes...








So those have become my goals.

I strive to communicate my heart with truth, vulnerability, passion, love, humility, wisdom, and authenticity.

And if mine is the only heart to be changed in that pursuit, perhaps that is all the world-change I need.

: : :

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