a deeper story

One of my favorite descriptions of God is that He's the author and finisher of my faith. I love words. And I express my heart through these typed letters on the screen. So it makes me smile to think of God having that same passion. He is the author of my faith. The author of me.

He is writing my story.

I'm just watching it unfold before my eyes. Watching the path appear before my feet, written into existence by the hand of God.

He is the perfect author. He needs no editor. He needs no second draft. He needs no backspace. He writes it perfectly the first time.

Author and finisher. No abandoned writing projects. No half-hearted attempts. No arms-in-the-air, "I quit!" moments.

He finishes what He starts. Completely. Thoroughly.

He is writing my story all the way to the end.

He's writing yours too. Everything that's been and all the chapters you have yet to see... all crafted by the creativity of His mind, the unbridled love of His heart, and the mighty providence of His hand.

And because He's writing them (and we're not), there is power in our stories.

They are meant to be shared.

Life is found in that place where hearts are laid bare. Sermons set aside, opinions thrown to the wind... No soapboxes, only stories.

Jesus loves to multiply meager offerings.

And like the loaves and fish, He transforms our brokenness to create new life. In us. In others.

But first we must hold out our hands.

Open our hearts.

And surrender our stories.

I'm offering my lowly lunch to Jesus along with some other incredible women on a new site called A Deeper Story. Together, we're holding out the simple stories of our lives, trusting Him to make something beautiful and life-bearing from our menial crumbs.

A Deeper Story just launched this week. Will you come hang with us?