I walked into Panera and caught Natalie's eye. She'd arrived before us and ingeniously snagged a table near an outlet. (Outlet = plug for laptop = internet.) We both smiled so big our eyes scrunched shut. Those are the best kinds of smiles. I hurried over to her corner and gave her a big hug. "Your shirt looks so familiar to me," she said after the initial how-are-yous and you-look-so-fantastics.


"Yeah. Maybe---" Before she could suggest that maybe she's seen me wearing it before, something catches her eye. She stops mid-sentence, leans over, and points to my boob. (Yes, I just said "boob" on my blog.)

My eyes follow her finger.

And I see a size sticker, clear as day, announcing to the world what size my boob shirt is.

"Nope. Obviously the shirt is new," she remarked. We burst out laughing as I hastily yanked off the sticker.

Now that's what friends are for!