write now

Write Now: I'm in the comfiest clothes I could find. I've got my laptop warming my lap but I'm still cold. I'm mindlessly rubbing my feet together. And I'm trying, without success, to get my very fuzzy brain to concentrate.

I'm not back up and running today as I'd hoped. I got slammed with a sinus infection over the weekend. And Nyquil did not work last night.

I am so "that girl" today with a tissue wad shoved up my nose. It's just easier that way.

No, I am not taking a picture.

The dreary gray skies make me want to crawl back into bed almost as much as my pressure-filled head and full-body aches do.

Every now and then I turn into a complete wuss when I'm sick.

Today would be one of those days.

So what about you? What are you doing/thinking/seeing/feeling... write now?

[ht: mandypants]