(men and) women of action

"A woman named Mukankusi lived in the Bugesera District with her three malnourished children. They didn’t know where their next meal would come from and lived without any shelter. Food for the Hungry began a program called 'kitchen gardens'. It helps impoverished women to feed their families and sell produce for income. A kitchen garden is ideal for dry regions because they are filled with kitchen wastes, like vegetables and other compost materials. They require very little maintenance and remain humid with less watering.

Mukankusi successfully started a kitchen garden and began selling her vegetables in the market. With her profits, she applied for a small business loan and bought her own house. Her three children now have permanent shelter and are no longer malnourished.

Mukankusi has become an empowered, self-sustaining businesswoman with the ability to provide for her family."

That story was recently shared with me by a friend who works for Food for the Hungry. Incredible, isn't it?

There is untapped, God-given potential in the lives of poverty-stricken women around the world... Potential that has the power to eradicate poverty and change the future for generations of women to come.

Food for the Hungry is doing an incredible work with impoverished women in some of the poorest regions. Through their Women of Action program, they help disadvantaged women in Bangladesh to discover their potential, restore their dignity, and transform their communities.

That is worth celebrating!

Just around the corner is International Women's Day.

March 8th is a day dedicated to celebrating the economic, political, and social achievements of women, past, present, and future. Women's Day is something we honored in South Africa, so even though it isn't a widely recognized holiday here in the States, it remains dear to my heart.

And I love what Food for the Hungry is doing to celebrate.

In honor of International Women's Day, they are hosting a 5K Walk in Phoenix to raise funds for Women of Action. They even have a generous donor who has committed to match the first $10,000 raised!

A 5K Walk to raise 10K that instantly becomes 20K... I love God's ways of multiplying our efforts!

Celebrate with us by...

Together, we can make a huge impact.

Would you share how you feel you can get involved? Also, I'd love to hear about a significant woman in your life & how she has impacted you.