what i enjoy most

The features I enjoy most about our car:

  • Automatic transmission (most cars in South Africa are standards) ~ Hands-free for snacking!
  • Cup holders everywhere ~ The more the merrier!
  • Cruise control ~ For my lead foot...
  • Back 2 seats fold down for storage ~ Shop-ping!
  • Parking alert (as you reverse, it beeps progressively faster the closer you get to whatever's behind you) ~ Just in case...
  • Mirror on the driver's side sun visor ~ Joy in the little things
  • Six-CD changer ~ For non-stop tunage
  • Volume control on the steering wheel ~ I'm all about convenience!
  • Seat-position memory (which is so great since Niel is much taller than me) ~ Easier to return to my perfect position 'sweet spot' after Niel drives
  • That it's ours! ~ We can make ourselves at home in it!