weekly download

Some random snippets from my brain as I think about the past week...

  • We are getting close to the launch of our new ministry website. We had a "website preview meeting" with our creative director, and it got me really excited! I can't wait till it launches so you can see why I'm pumped!
  • We lost an entire mission team for about 15 minutes yesterday. I would've thought something like that is impossible, but we managed to do it! (Now, just to clarify -- no one was in any danger, and the team leader didn't even know we'd "lost" them!)
  • We took a mission team to a new game lodge for their end-of-trip safari. It is much nicer than the lodge we used to go to, and the team really enjoyed the experience (as did Niel and I). I'm looking forward to taking the next team there as well.
  • Last night I heard a testimony about the ministry happening by the mission team. One of their ministry groups met a man who had suffered a heart attack quite a while ago and hadn't been able to talk since. They prayed for him and ministered to him and his familymembers. When they returned the next day, the man was speaking! I love when God shows up so mightily! Not only did the man receive supernatural healing, but the team's faith was encouraged and strengthened as well!
  • On Wednesday, we drove to Piet Retief for the day. (PR is Niel's hometown, where he grew up and youth pastored before we launched Thrive Africa.) It's about a 3-hour drive each way, but it was so worth the trip. We got to spend some time visiting with friends we don't get to see very often (and we were even given an apple pie -- my favorite dessert!). It was a nice break before our travel days with the team and the upcoming week, which has us on the road quite a bit.
  • One of our closest friends is visiting South Africa for 6 weeks. He'll be coming to visit us next weekend, but we unexpectedly got to see him last night while we were in Joburg. It was so great to see Dave and spend some time with him, although it made me miss Amy even more!

That's all for now!