v for vacation

We leave tomorrow for vacation. "You just got back from America! Wasn't that a vacation?" you ask. Hmmm... 18-hour days, with sometimes 6 back-to-back meetings/speaking engagements, and a rigorous ministry schedule isn't what I call vacation.

This past trip was a ministry one, with us having a few days off to spend with family and friends. Tomorrow we leave for a month-long personal trip, with a few days off for ministry.

This is the first time we have ever done anything like this. It feels almost...weird. But exciting. Definitely exciting.

We are heading to the States with some South African friends of ours. We will be in New York, Florida, Michigan, Seattle, and...Hawaii. (Hence, my daydream...) I cannot wait!

When my friend Amy came to visit us in New York, she taught us her getaway-bound mantra, "V for Vacation!", which she excitedly pronounces with her fingers in the shape of the letter "V". We quickly picked up on this and have been declaring "V for Vacation" in excited anticipation of our departure!

I'm fairly confident I'll end up with a lot more "V for Vacation" pictures by the time this month is over!