tiny adventure

My latest adventure is a tiny one.

That's not me downplaying or minimizing anything, I promise... It really is a tiny adventure. 

I partnered up with a friend who designed and built a Tiny House, and I'm now hosting it for short-term rentals in my backyard. 

See! It really IS tiny! :)

See! It really IS tiny! :)

Isn't it 185-square-feet of adorable? 

I built a website for it if you're interested in seeing pics (and video) of the inside and reading more about it. Check out NashvilleTinyHouse.com for the whole scoop.

(It even has an Instagram account!)

Please feel free to share it online. There's a lot of interest in tiny houses right now (thank you, HGTV), so you may know some people who would love the opportunity to stay in one in Nashville for a few days. (And I would most certainly appreciate the referral!) 

So there it is.

My very random and very tiny latest adventure.

What's new in your world?
(Of any size or significance...)