three-minute thursday: hiatus

Go. It's 5:21 on Thursday morning. In less than 40 minutes we'll be on our way to the Indian Ocean with two cars full of interns. Today's agenda includes screaming down a water slide and giggling around a lazy river. (Did you know I absolutely love water parks?)

Tomorrow and Saturday I'll be soaking up as much as I can at a leadership conference; I have a lot to learn!

Sunday I'll be boarding a plane with my husband. Quite a few of them actually (planes, not husbands) as we fly from Durban to Johannesburg to Frankfurt to Rome to Palermo, Sicily.

I won't be checking email for two-and-a-half weeks. I won't be blogging either. The only new post you'll see while I'm gone is one that's scheduled for a specific day. You'll understand when you see it.

Play nice!