This is not Alece. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Hi, this is Tam Hodge. From Oregon. Where Alece now lives. I am writing a post for Alece because she is editing a post for me.

It's a deal-type of thing.

So...this will, obviously, be random and totally different than what you're used to here at the Grit.

It's no secret that we all love Alece. I'm sitting here now, with Air Supply playing in the background, thinking about how much she has poured into the lives of others. She has selflessly served others. She has shared her deepest hurts with us all, even in the pain, knowing that her heart-hurts might connect with another's heart who is suffering too.

She serves. She gives.

And I know she is gonna hate that I'm writing all of this. But, we had a deal. So, there, Alece.

I can't imagine my life without this beautiful woman. And I am certain many of you couldn't imagine your life without her, either.

So, if you would, could you let her know how she has encouraged you? How she might have inspired you? Spoke to you?

I'm sure it would bless her heart. But it would really bless the Hodge Family's heart.