the waiting room

We just finished a series called The Waiting Room at my church. Wait a minute. I need to sidebar for a moment. Did you hear what I just said? "My church"!? I haven't said that phrase in a very long time. Aside from our humble "services" as a ministry family, I haven't been a part of a church I could call my own since I graduated high school. (Ages ago!) And my life has revolved around leading ministry events, not just participating in them. After over a decade on the mission field, to soak in corporate worship that I had nothing to do with running behind the scenes... you just can't put a pricetag on that.

I digress.

Back to The Waiting Room. The messages were so good and so timely for me. Here are a few thoughts I scribbled down ---

  • I want to be more overwhelmed by God than by my circumstances. But that won't simply happen on its own.
  • Do I love the Promiser more than the promise?
  • When what I'm waiting for becomes what I'm hoping in, I will be disappointed. Every time. Even when I get what I want.
  • My God is faithful, His words are true, and His ways are just. My hope should only be in Him.
  • What would change in how I think, talk, and act if I were fully confident that this season isn't so much about waiting as it is about God preparing me for the next chapter?

Are you in a season of waiting? For what?

Digging deeper, how 'bout the question in the last bullet-point?