5'4" isn't THAT short...is it?

I've got so much to say, and no time to blog. I hate when that happens! But you should know that my blind-date-esque meetup at Starbucks turned out to be amazing. And the 17 people who showed up, overwhelmed me with their love. Seventeen! Yeah. That's another post for another time when I actually have time.

For now, I think you should head over and read Tonggu Momma's rendition of our time together... and the "excitement" that followed.

While you're there, please stick up for me. TM's making fun of my height again. (Or rather my lack of height. Hmph.) So let her know I sent you and stand up (on your tip-toes) for me, k?


Tuesday's gonna be a long day for me. Any and all encouraging or humorous comments would be appreciated to help me get through it. You guys rock like that.

(Oh---Tonggu Momma? Sorry about that friendship-and-latte-induced car accident. We still good?)