first time for everything

I didn't grow up celebrating Lent. I don't even know if celebrating is the right word to use. Honoring Lent? Observing Lent? Hmph. All of the above. I decided to celebrate/honor/observe Lent this year.

I wrestled with it a bit because I wanted to be sure I chose to do it for the right reasons. I didn't want to do it simply because I'm attending a church that honors Lent. Or because I have friends who do. I wanted to do it with my heart.

To be honest, my initial response when I started contemplating it was to scoff.  I've lost a lot in recent months; I've given up a lot. So when I felt the inner tug to "sacrifice" something for Lent, I raised an eyebrow at God as if to say, "What?! You still want me to give You more?!"

Yeah. Self-righteousness can be blinding.

So I've given something up for forty days. It's not really a big deal. But for me, the significance of this small sacrifice is a huge deal.

And it gives me far better perspective on everything else I've given up as of late.

And it reminds me it's all His anyway.