Summer Babies

One of the many blessings of our lives is a pair of quads (ATVs, four-wheelers, what have you). Seeing as our base is 2500 sprawling acres, it was a good investment. Since we got them last December, Niel and I have seen more of the property than we ever had before! We are leaving for Qwa Qwa in about 10 minutes for a Christmas party with our Basotho coaches -- the volunteers who serve with us in the public schools, teaching our course on leadership and abstinence. But figuring we had some time between church and needing to leave, Rebecca (friend and staff member) and I went out for a quick, 30-minute quad ride.

We got really close to the wildebeest, springbok, lechwe, blesbok, and fallow deer. It's so amazing this time of year as the animals are having babies - lots of them! Herds of them were running by us and alongside us as we drove on the quads - it's unbelievable how the babies all keep up! They are so cute as they run with all their might!!

Summer has arrived in Africa...