Once a month, South African stores close for an entire day for "stock-take". The obvious foolishness over the loss of business aside, it's an interesting concept. A day to take stock, see what's missing and what's left, shuffle things around, switch price tags.

We need to do that with our lives at times.

Shut the doors and take time to really look around. In all the dark, dingy corners that haven't been swept in a while. In the piles and messes left behind by others. In the cluttery chaos of thoughts and feelings left unattended.

What's missing? What's left?

Things need to be regularly cleaned out. And replaced. Reprioritized. Reorganized so that those of highest importance are moved to the most prominent places.

Things also need to be revalued. Price tags need to be switched around. Changed out. To again reflect that those things of highest priority are given the highest value.

It's stock-take time.