speechless in seattle

I feel as though I have so much to say yet no words with which to say it. My mom and I just returned to Seattle from our Alaskan cruise; I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful our trip was! We laughed incessantly and made so many amazing memories. We saw Humpback and Orca whales on our whale-watching trip, rode a train up to White Pass (high in the mountains), experienced a modified (no-snow) version of a dog-sled at a musher camp, stood in awe before enormous glaciers, and zip-lined across thousands of feet of cable 150 feet above the ground!

Most who know me know that I easily get motion sick. Some have even had the unique privilege of seeing me...vomit. (Jealous, aren't you?!) I get this propensity for nausea from my mother. But thanks to the amazing motion-sickness patch, we were both puke-free all week! The first night on the ship was pretty rocky. At breakfast the next morning, we overheard countless people saying that they got sick during the night because of how rough it was. Mom and I threw our fists in the air in victory: "WE LOVE THE PATCH!"

My mom is a joy and a blessing in my life and I am so grateful to the Lord for this time we had together. Many thanks, also, to my hombre and padre for sending us! This was truly a time we will never forget!

We were asked by dozens of people if we were sisters (which hopefully means that my mom looks young for her age and not that I look old for mine!). While we know we resemble one another, we definitely don't see the close similarity so many others saw!

I uploaded a bunch of our photos, if you want to take a peek!