simple truth

(I wrote this on Christmas, but since we’ve been internet-less for a few days, I’m posting this a bit late…)

It’s only Christmas because my calendar says so. It doesn’t feel like Christmas. And not just because I’m in Africa, and it’s summer. This year, Christmas just feels…distant. Maybe it’s not so much that it doesn’t feel like Christmas, but that I don’t feel like Christmas. That makes sense inside my brain; I’m not so sure it does outside of it.

But I’m thinking about Christmas, since my calendar reminded me and all. And the thing that keeps skating around my thoughts is this: There is always redemption. I think God had that in mind on the very first Christmas, and He has it on His mind on this one.

I need to remind and be reminded of that simple truth often.

Months ago, I read something that is so simple and yet so powerful. The Hebrew word shalom (peace) literally means nothing missing, nothing broken. And the word shalim (restore) means as if it never happened. There is such hope, such promise in those words.

Nothing missing. Nothing broken. As if it never happened.

There is always redemption.

Merry Christmas, friends.