signs of autumn

This afternoon I went for a walk to soak up the beautiful autumn scenery. A short walk from my parents' home is a state park, complete with trails, beach access, and breathtakingly gorgeous foliage. I ventured off to explore, camera in hand.

The day was perfect. The sky was strikingly blue; the air, refreshingly crisp; the leaves, the most exquisite range of colors.

My peaceful serenity was interrupted by my rudely nagging bladder. My need to pee became so urgent that I contemplated a missionary-squatty-potty maneuver behind a tree. As I pondered this more, I thought things like:

Will anybody see me? Why did I put on my bright blue jacket instead of something more camouflaging? If someone does see me, is embarrassment the only consequence I will have to endure, or might there be a fine as well?

Before I got so desperate as to actually start looking for a suitable, secluded spot, my eyes beheld a wondrous sight: