she was my first

Mandy was the first met-on-the-net friend that I got to hug. Leading up to that first worlds-colliding visit a year and a half ago, I told her I was "nervousexcited" to meet her. I was nervous mainly because I wasn't sure she'd like "in-person" me. But I was so excited to finally spend time with my friend. And from our very first hug, the nervousness quickly faded away. I can't help but smile just thinking back to that ridiculous weekend in Boston. Good times.

Mandy was also the first "other" to consistently comment on my blog.

She literally threw the blogosphere door wide open for me. I remember being so blown away that someone I didn't know wanted to read what I was writing. It completely changed my purpose of blogging. What started out as a way to keep a small group of friends and family updated on my life in Africa, evolved into a divine provision of community and connectedness. I am so grateful.

I'm down in Southeast Georgia spending time with Mandy again. In between the laughter, long talks, and southern food, I keep thanking the Lord for my friend.

cookie dough

To be honest, I often forget how we met until someone asks how we know each other.

Because the truth is, we aren't blog friends.

We're simply friends.