rules and idiosyncrasies

We spent a few days in Johannesburg this week to attend a leadership conference. I love learning and developing, so I really enjoyed the event. (But talk about information overload! My brain has been working overtime ever since, trying to figure out how to apply all I learned!) It was also great to drive our new car to the city for the first time, spend that time with Niel, and get to eat out anywhere other than our handful of local restaurants.

One of my rules when we're in a city is that we're not allowed to eat at a restaurant we have in our town. I figure, if I'm all the way up in Joburg, I want to be eating some place I don't often have access to. One of my all-time favorite city eateries is Primi Piatti. It's got a casual, fun atmosphere and some of the best Italian food I've eaten in Africa.

I'm a pretty boring orderer -- anywhere I go, I tend to always order the same meal. (At Primi, it's Pollo Giorgio...mmm-mmm!) I guess I'm not very adventurous. I'd rather stick with what I know .

In the spirit of full disclosure, let me just share that I even do this in public bathrooms. If it's a restroom that I've visited before, I will inevitably use the same stall I did the first time. I don't even plan it; it usually just happens. And it always makes me smile to myself as I'm closing the stall door...

Do you have any rules or idiosyncrasies to share?