roots and wings

I love my wings.

I really enjoy traveling. It's a good thing, since I do so much of it. I love the newness, the adventure, the constant change. I enjoy experiencing the new and the different, discovering things I've always wanted to see and things I didn't even know existed.

There is nothing in the world like stepping into the unfamiliar, unknown, unpredictable, and unexpected. It makes my heart come alive.

Most of all, I love people. It is such a gift to be constantly meeting new people and spending cherished moments with friends. Experiencing other people's worlds means embracing new rhythms of life, and I learn so much from all that is different than me.

I value my heart's desire for change.

I also love my roots.

I crave security and stability. At times, the humdrum of routine is the sweetest sound I know. There is comfort in the known and the familiar, joy in the predictable. Going to bed after a day that looked exactly as expected makes for some sweet contentment.

I'm grateful for the sense of belonging that comes with home. It is a beautiful thing to have a space in life that's carved out with my exact shape---the warm hug of that perfect fit is absolutely matchless.

Being in one place long enough to be missed when I'm gone makes my heart exhale. I love being with those rare people who feel like home to me---who know what I'm thinking before I say it, who can read my slightest facial expression, who just plain "get" me, no explanation needed.

I value my heart's desire for same.

I live in the tension between my wings and roots.

At times it's exhausting... at others, exhilarating. When I've had one for too long, I start yearning for the other. All change with no same makes me just as restless as all same with no change.

And I'm feeling restless now.

The past 19 months have been nothing but change. My heart longs for steady. Predictable. Certainty. I want some surety under my feet. My wings are tired.

So I'm trying to create pockets of same in the midst of all the change. Little bits of routine. Tiny fragments of consistency. I need to find some more creative ways to do that...

Cause after all, a girl can have both wings and roots, right?!


Are you more of a wings or roots person? Any thoughts on how I can create some "same" in my very unpredictable life right now?