rationers anonymous

Hi. My name is Alece, and I am a rationer.

For so long now, I've had to live on limited supplies of American goodies -- from hair products to snacks. Because I can't just run to the store and get more when I need to, I've gotten very good at rationing. Maybe too good. I've unfortunately found myself eating things that have long since expired (2-year old salsa con queso, anybody?!). But I've always enjoyed knowing my supply wasn't depleted -- that there was more still left in the cabinet.

When our grocery store started selling Snapple, I bought quite a few and stocked them into my fridge. And then never drank any. Even though I knew I could buy more in town, my brain was still telling me to ration. "What if they stop selling it?!"

Well, I decided yesterday that even if they stop selling it, I'm going to enjoy it while it's here. I drank two Snapples in one day!

The guilt was so overwhelming, I haven't drank any today.