Random Bits & Bites

We got home from our Cape Escape today; as is typical of a vacation, it went by way too quickly. We had a great time and while I definitely got to rest and relax, I still feel as though I need another few weeks off! Being sick sucks, but being sick on vacation REALLY sucks. First it was Niel, and then my dear husband decided to pass the sickness on to me. No amount of preemptive vitamins helped; I was walloped with a nasty sore throat, which developed into an obnoxious cold. Yuck. I'm finally approaching the light at the end of the tunnel and am crawling out of the yucky sickness hole.

Red nail polish changes things. I was treated to a pedicure this past week and I got bright red nail polish on my toes. (I wasn't yet bold enough to go for it on my fingers!) Walking around with my scarlet toe nails has been quite amazing. I've noticed myself peeking down at my toes way more than usual (not that I usually even do!); it almost makes me feel more feminine. Can red nail polish really do that?

On Monday we went to Ratanga Junction, the only "real" amusement/theme park in South Africa. Niel and I had gone once before, when we were in Cape Town for our honeymoon. This time, it was an "off" time of year and barely anybody was there. Roller coasters that we waited for 2 hours to ride last time had no waits at all -- very nice! A bit scared of heights, Niel doesn't really like roller coasters; his love was very evident as he rode with me in the very front of The Cobra,the biggest roller coaster in the park...

We made a few stops at New York Bagel, one of my favorite places for breakfast and lunch in Cape Town. We even bought a dozen bagels to bring home with us... mmmm!

We returned home to cold weather. Winter has definitely set in with full force. A daily challenge in my life here is the lack of indoor heating. We thankfully have space heaters, but even on full blast they barely make a dent in the penetrating cold. Seeing my breath while sitting in bed is something I will just never get used to.

Thanks for the comments on my Hiatus post... I'll blog with more thoughts soon.