Too often, what's urgent takes precedence over what's important. For much of my week, importance was kidnapped by urgency. Not to say that what was urgent wasn't essential, but other important things -- though not as pressing -- got back-burnered more than I would have liked. Since "urgency" by definition means it's not something I can plan for, schedule in, or ignore, I'm not quite sure how to improve in this area. Yet I know I need to.

As I was thinking about that, I realized that I allow that to happen too often in my personal life as well. My priorities are out of whack when what's important to me (my family, my friends, my God) gets shoved aside to deal with what's urgent (ministry needs and other random things that eat my time and energy).

Jesus told us it all comes down to loving Him and loving others. What could be more important and urgent than that?