personality disorder

I was recently challenged by a staff member (and friend) to be more personable in what I write for the ministry (newsletter, web content, brochures, etc.). He pointed out that I write completely differently in my blog than I do for ministry things. I know that I do, and I've felt it's been with good reason.

While my blog and personal emails simply reflect me and my personal thoughts and personality, my task of writing for the ministry is weightier. My aim is not to reflect my own personality, but the entire ministry. I need to portray a more professional, business-like side. When I explained all that to him, he relied, "Yeah, but it's as if you write with NO personality." Ouch.

It's given me pause to step back and re-look at things. I have a hard time finding the balance between being personable (without it being too much of just me) and professional (without it being cold and impersonal).

We are embarking on a big relaunch of our website soon (this same friend has been working hard on an amazing new design and format!). I will soon be starting the process of writing all the content for the new site. Which leads me to my question...

Any thoughts on how I can put more personality in my ministry writings?