our "vacation"

We've slept in 10 different places in the past 20 days. That's a lot of packing and repacking. And it gets old pretty fast. The other night we had dinner with someone we'd never met before.

"So where all have you been and where else are you going on this trip?"

"Well, we've already been in New York, Detroit, Orlando, Tampa, Virginia, and now here. After this, we're headed to Maryland, Denver, California, Seattle, and back to New York."

"Oh wow," she replied with a huge smile. "So exciting that you can take such an extensive vacation and just tour through the States!"

Our eyes got wide and we stifled a laugh as we very quickly explained that what we are doing is the farthest thing from a vacation.

"So you're traveling to raise funds and raise awareness about what you're doing?"


"Oh... That's nice," she said curtly as she stood up. "I'll be right back."

Some people don't get it.

And that's ok.