one perk

Our bout of warm weather was short-lived. The past few days have been freezing again. After 9 African winters, I'm still not used to the constant cold (constant because of the lack of central heating). I don't think I'll ever get used to it.

Instead of complaining, tonight I tried to think of the perks of our cold winter weather. But I could only come up with one. It's a good one, though.

I can read at night without being attacked by bugs.

In the summer, it gets a bit buggy here. And since windows don't have screens, the moment the sun goes down the lights attract all sorts of insects, beetles, and moths. I really enjoy reading in bed before I go to sleep, but this is no easy task in the summer. When my bedside lamp is suddenly the only light source in the entire house, it gets a little dangerous to be right next to it. All sorts of flying creatures dive-bomb onto my book, into my face, and through my hair. This inevitably causes me to flinch (and sometimes yelp), and then I hear a loud huff from my "sleeping" husband's side of the bed.

But in winter... No bugs at night! I can read in peace.