name that aussie

*EDITED @ 10 PM*

My new GPS has changed my life forever.


Now he she just needs a name. Yes, he's a he. Normally he'd have been a she, but I wasn't particularly fond of any of the she-voices. So he's a he. An Australian he in fact. I found a she voice I like! AND she's Aussie, too!

Some of you have already suggested names on my Facebook page (and even via text message!). Moses, Kumquat, Beaufort, Piper, and McGyver are all in the running.

I thought maybe we should cast the net a little wider here at the Grit.

So... Whatcha got for me? What should I call my Aussie he-man she-girl GPS?

(I feel bad for making y'all suggest boy names all day and then I go and change genders on you. My poor GPS has an identity crisis, what can I say!? So... we're now officially taking girl name ideas. And, well, I guess my G to the PS may just end up being whichever gender has the best name option!)