nagging question

We have a pretty casual office dress code; most days are spent in jeans and t-shirts. On Saturday, though, I had two occasions for which to dress up.

In the morning, we took the interns to Thandi's wedding. Thandi is one of our coaches who teaches our AIDS prevention program in the public schools. In Africa, weddings are day-long affairs; we could only attend for two hours. (Awww, shucks!) We got to see most of the ceremony (at least all the interesting parts), and it was a fun cultural experience for everybody.

That night was a birthday party for one of our interns. The party-planning team does a great job of coming up with something unique and creative for each intern's birthday. The one on Saturday was a "formal night". It was fun to have a reason to dress up (although twice in one day is maybe too much!); Dave even came in a tie. Everyone looked great and seemed to have fun.

I did have one recurring thought, though, at both the wedding and the party: What do I do with my hands?

I sure do miss pockets when I'm in a dress.