my thanksgiving poem

'Twas the night before Thanksgiving
And the power went out
We thought it'd be short-lived
But then we started to doubt

The pumpkin pie in the oven
Was nowhere near ready
But the rain kept on pouring
Hard, heavy, and steady

The thunder clapped loudly
The lightning flashed bright
And we knew we were in
For a very long night

Normally I'd worry
My to-do list was shot
I still needed to do
A whole heck of a lot

But we sat on the couch
And watched the lightning have fun
I decided not to stress
About what didn't get done

We eventually gave up
And headed to bed
The storm raged all night
And the power stayed dead

I was awake off and on
Almost the whole night through
The rain was so loud
And the thunder was too

Around five in the morning
I said a quick prayer
We needed power to cook
And I knew God would care

When I woke up at seven
I smiled indeed
The electricity was working
The day could proceed

The power stayed on
While we cooked the birds
I kept sending up "thank you"s
I had no other words

We had twenty-four adults
Round the table, squeezed tight
Again the power went out
So we ate by candlelight

But it didn't last long
And then it came back for good
We had a wonderful day
Like a true family should

I collapsed into bed
Later that night
I was full and content
As I turned off the light

As I put my head on my pillow
I had but one thing to say
I gave thanks for electricity
And how God saved the day