my eyes need to adjust

Jesus tells me that when I abide in His Word, I will know the truth, and then I will be set free. Abiding is not a quick fix. It means dwelling. Living. Setting up camp. Being content to linger. It means staying there until I know the truth. I picture it to be like when I step out of a dark room into the bright sunshine. My eyes can't take it. I have to keep them closed a while. Then I can open them, just slightly at first, and peer out of squinted eyes with a hand providing some shade. It feels painful and undesirable, but then... my eyes adjust. I can move my hand away. I can open my eyes fully. And I can see clearly.

Similarly, I need my eyesight to adjust to His truth. And that can only come from abiding in His Word until I know the truth deep down inside.

What truth of God do you need to abide in until your eyes adjust?