mish mosh

Some very random thoughts: An electric blanket makes everything better...

Did you know that in the Listerine commercials, the actors don't really have anything in their mouths? They make all those swirling, swishing, and gargling motions with nothing but air. Hmph.

Remember my disdain of moths? Yeah, me too. Tonight I had a tiny bit of lemonade left after dinner, which I set on my bedside table to help my melatonin go down at bedtime. A little bit ago I started to hear splashing. Confused, I looked around my room. THIS is what I found:

Demon moth.

It's hard for me to not feel guilty that I'm not doing much (work-wise) and my husband is back in South Africa hard at work. He deserves a break more than I do, and yet here I am... the one on vacation. Sorry, Hombre. I love you!