one word: look

Look. That's my One Word for this new year.

There is so much I want to see in my life, but I realized that I won't see it until I start looking for it. So this year, I'm committed to live looking.

I'm going to look for God's hand even when I can't feel it. Look for Him in the darkness when I can't see His light. Look for Him in the obscure and simple parts of my day. Of my life.

He is not a God who is far off. He is not distant or uninvolved. He is right here, in the messy fabric of my life, but I miss Him more often than I see Him because I don't bother to look.

He often shows up in ways I don't expect, takes on a form or face I'd never imagine. I can walk right by Him and not even realize it.

I don't want to miss Him anymore.

I want eyes to see Him at work, using my "all things" for my good and His glory. Eyes to discover more of His heart and character displayed in the people around me. Eyes to spot His hand holding mine when I feel nothing but alone.

I want to see Him, even when my eyes are clenched tight---in fear or grief or exhaustion. I want to see Him in my moments, in my darkness, in my brokenness. See Him where I haven't seen Him before.

I want to live my life more aware of His presence... His protection... His provision.

I want to look for God in my pain, actively trusting that He is right here with me in it.

I want to see Him.

But first I have to look for Him.


What about you? What's your One Word for 2011? If you blog about it, link to your One Word post below...

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