like the back of my hand

We have been in the USA for 15 days now. As I'd expected, I keep finding myself using South-Africanisms. I caught myself just yesterday ordering coffee "for take away" instead of "to go"! The lady knew what I meant, but looked at me kinda funny. I quickly corrected myself and thought, "Busted!"

We have been in Michigan since we arrived. We really enjoy it here. It's a beautiful state--and so nice to see it non-snow-covered. As we have so many friends and partners throughout the state, there are always people to see! There are also lots of great coffee shops and restaurants (and you know we love good food!). Plus, in what other state can you use a body part as a map????

A dear friend (who was the first reason we ever even came to Michigan) has been back in town visiting her family--in the same area we've been in for the past few days. Every spare minute we could steal to spend with her, we did--sometimes just 45 minutes at the outlet mall between meetings! Because I live so far from most of my close friends, it's been nice to be able to pick up the phone and just say, "Hey, Nat, we have an hour -- want to meet us somewhere?!" I normally don't have that luxury...

Niel and I both truly find joy in the little things. We savored every moment of our first Starbucks beverage, closed our eyes as we ate our first slice of pizza, and breathed deeply as we walked the aisles of Target. As rigorous as our ministry schedule has been, we are glad to be in America (or as my friend Christen calls it, "God's country").