like a river

Follow after peace. I've said that a lot. And now I'm thinking about what that really means. I've always described peace as a calm amidst the storm; a sense of confidence and security when my circumstances are screaming in my ears for me to be unsure and insecure. But I don't think peace always means a complete lack of uncertainty or unsteadiness.

Courage isn't the absence of fear; it's the pushing onward in spite of it. Courage means "doing it afraid". I think peace is the same.

Peace isn't the absence of inner turmoil. It isn't a heart devoid of confusion or unknowing. Peace is the pushing onward in spite of it all. Peace is remembering that there is One who is above the storm, who controls the storm, who holds my hand as I walk through it.

I can experience peace even when my heart feels otherwise.

I can follow after peace even as I second-guess each step.

I can be flooded with peace even while I'm flooded by overwhelming circumstances -- and even when I'm feeling completely overwhelmed by them.

I can be at peace even when I am afraid.

Today I choose to follow after peace...