kitchen therapy

This past week has slipped through my fingers. I could almost tangibly feel it seeping out, as though I were trying to hold a fistful of sand. My time, which I already considered precious, and my schedule, which I already considered overcrowded, both just got hijacked. There were times this past week it felt as though I were drowning. So deep, I couldn't even see the surface of the water.

The director of our internship program abruptly quit last Sunday. Turned in her resignation on Sunday evening; Wednesday morning was her last time in the office.

We have 11 interns this year; almost 4 times more than we've ever had at one time before. Because I've been in the States for 7 out of the last 8 months, I haven't been very involved in the actual running of the program. (It's been "redesigned" from past years.) As Niel and I have now stepped back in as the internship directors, I've had to try to piece together the little bit I know and fill in the blanks with all the many things I don't know so that we can keep the interns' year and program running smoothly.

The interns and the rest of our staff team have been wonderfully supportive, helpful, and flexible, stepping up to the plate and offering assistance however they can help. Niel left with the interns for their mission trip to Botswana yesterday morning. They will be gone for 12 days, which gives me some "bonus time" to get everything ready for the start of the new term, which begins right after Easter weekend.

After a very full and overwhelming week, I spent the weekend in my kitchen. I cooked new recipes. I made extra meals to put in the freezer. I baked cookies and made extra dough to save for later. I cleaned and reorganized my cabinets. I hung pictures and plaques on the walls.

It was like "kitchen therapy". After spending long days and nights in the office this past week to try to get on top of everything, I needed time away from my computer and the stacks of things I need to do. I chose, instead, to spend hours doing things completely unrelated to my urgent lists.

This break, I can tell on this Monday morning, was just what I needed.