just call me spongebob

I've never actually seen a single episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. But I keep using his name lately.

I love learning. I thrive on absorbing things, through a variety of mediums, that will help me grow and develop. Personally. Spiritually. As a leader. I seek out opportunities for it. I ask questions, read books, listen to sermons, peruse blogs.

I love to be a sponge -- soaking in as much as I can so that, later, I can squeeze it out for others. This weekend, I'm being SpongeBob.

We're attending a leadership conference in Durban.

Which means that on top of the awesome soakage-in of great leadership lessons, I'm enjoying the beautiful view of the Indian Ocean, down time with our team, and a day at a water park.

Yeah. Pretty awesome weekend.

(How do you rate your sponginess, and who/what have you been absorbing great things from lately?)