junes gone by

June 1st?! How is that even possible? I feel like the past year of my life has been stolen from me. But demanding it back isn't going to help at all. Although, if I'm being honest, sometimes I really want to just throw a good ol' fashioned temper tantrum. Won't change a thing, but it would be a great release. I'll refrain though. At least for right now.

I'll reminisce about Junes gone by instead.

  • All too often, I'm still guilty of living as though I'm not convinced God's mindful of me. Worse, I spend too much time living without being mindful of Him.
  • If you've never read it, you need to read about the shocking ugly heartfelt birthday gift I got from my Mosotho friend Joyce a couple years ago. It'll change your life. Forever. Okay, maybe not quite. But it'll at least make you laugh.
  • I miss much. Like Starbucks (the bird, not the coffee). And my car. And my job. And that's just the short list.
  • Last year I was struck with how much I need relationships, and this year that's been reinforced even more. I'm grateful I do not journey alone.

Tell me something about your June(s). Past, present, or future.